Our Clergy


I would like to welcome you to the Community of Consciousness Church. My name is Lorelei Melfi, and I have been part of the pagan community for over 35 years. Currently in my path in the pagan world, I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, studied herbal and aromatherapy, and a Great Grandmother. I write and preform several different types of weddings regularly, with the ability to preform and sanctify the rite of marriage, this also includes being a Notary Public with the ability to notarize public or private documents legally.    Community of Consciousness was a dream my wonderful mate, partner, husband of the last 20 years has finally made happened. Recently within the last year we have secured a property, to allow us to run the Community of Consciousness. We are we plan on holding several different festivals throughout the year, as well as holding our own celebrations. Currently, An Eagle Scout project was performed on our property that created a 13ft Diameter fire circle on the property.

Community of Consciousness

Community of Consciousness

Our Vision - To create an environment that fosters kindness, cooperation, growth and the ability to share openly without concern for negativity


As a minister I believe in finding spiritual awareness and happiness through my service to others. My faith lies in the universal energy and the indisputable fact that though we are all unique individuals we are undeniably connected to one another. This connection gives us as human beings the rare ability to relate to one another, to empathize with and care for each other. Promoting this experience is one of my driving motivations in life.  In my life I have had the good fortune to explore many faiths and religions. I have made note of the differences and taken to heart the similarities. The overall guiding principles of kindness and charity to your fellow human beings as well as taking personal responsibility for your own actions. Learning to own and understand our feelings and striving to improve one’s self each day guide my spiritual path. I ask only to be a better person today than I was yesterday and to build upon that the day following.  I have earned the title of Reiki Master and reached the highest level of training in a specific modality of Sacred Sexuality. I provide advice and good counsel based on my own life experiences and the knowledge I have gleaned from my journey in spirituality.  I am a father, a husband, a minister, an engineer, and avid reader. I am a gamer, a Leatherman, a mentor, a friend and a continual student of life, the universe and everything. I love to build things, solve problems and riddles and I cherish time spent with my family and friends. I am in a place of great happiness in my life and feel that it is my purpose to help others on their own odyssey to that destination too.