Monthly Drum Circle

We have a monthly drum circle,, that is facilitated by Ishmael Delgado

 He has made music his path and is willing to help others learn, practice and share their talents. So bring a chair, bring a drink & come relax by the fire. Everyone is welcome no matter your age or talent level. 

 7pm- 11:30pm

We ask for a love donation so we can keep doing improvements to the land!!

 Drum Circle Etiquette 

  1. Always ask permission before touching someone's Instrument.

2 Always listen for the pulse of the rhythm, feel the groove, and support it.

  3. Listening to each other is the key to communication.

 4. When in doubt, keep it simple. Use the heartbeat to anchor the groove. 

5. Let there be space in the music, allowing room to communicate.  

6. Smoke outside the circle, preferably downwind.

 7. The inner circle is for the dancers. 

8. When there is a bonfire, keep a safe distance from the fire, and be aware of the fire keepers' path.

 9. When a rhythm ends, allow at least a few moments before beginning another.

 10. Each drum circle has slightly different etiquette, if you are unsure, ask. 

11. Be respectful, we are here to foster community.

  12. If you want to talk to your friend, or use the phone/electronic device, go outside the circle.

 13. Most of all... have fun, smile, enjoy, stay positive, and please pack your trash.